Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Floral Week: The Uptown Girl likes English Roses

Day two of floral week and the first day of sun this year in the UK, not sure how long it will last considering my phone says snow for tomorrow. Today I decided to have some fun with some nail foils that I purchased from Dollar Nail Art.  The design I choose to use for this manicure is called English Rose,This is my first time with foils so the application isn't perfect, but the process is really pretty straight forward!

This manicure uses a base of Barry M Matte White (my only white polish). When this was completely dry I applied some foil glue (which is basically just PVA glue) I'm not sure really what the optimum time is to wait before using the foil, every video i've watched tends to say something different so I would use the trial and error approach. Pop a square of the nail foil onto your nail and press down and then remove, and ta-da you should have a transferred pattern on your nail!

My Seche Vite top coat slightly wrinkled the foil even though they actually felt completely smooth of the nail! 

My accent nail is Color Club Uptown Girl which matches the colour of the roses perfectly, a dusky, dusty, mauve-y pink.

I'm really happy with how this manicure turned out, it looks really girly and detailed and yet was super easy to do! Also the foils melt under normal polish remover so they are no hassle to get off either!

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Have you used nail foils? Do you have any tips or tricks for getting them perfect? Tomorrow i'll be back with more flowers!

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  1. So pretty hun! Floral is one of my fav's! I haven't actually tried decals yet ;)

  2. ooo this is so gorgeous for Spring<3

  3. Fab! I love the pattern! I have some foils but haven't tried using them yet. You made them look effortless <3

  4. These look amazing! <3

    By the way, I've tagged you in a beauty blog post - can't wait to see your replies!



  5. definitely something i would like to try! looks so pretty here!

  6. i'm deeply in love with this pattern!!!


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