Thursday, 11 April 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Animal Week (Plus ABC Challenge catch up): I'm a Tadpole trying to be a Frog

I found this great quote saying: "I'm not a diva. "I'm a Tadpole trying to be a Frog" (Toni Braxton) which I loved so much I decided that I had to do frogs as a manicure somehow for Animal Week! I know I am a little behind but I suspected this might happen, so today you get something simple yet just as cute as my other manicures. I hope to be able to catch up before the weekend though.

It's also THURSDAY and I have been very bad with the ABC Challenge. I am almost three weeks behind with this! So today I have the letter 'S' for you too! Don't forget to check out Bee and Emma's alphabet manicures which are a little ahead of mine.

 Here is my little froggy, he is done freehand with my nail art brushes and  ORLY Fresh and Barry M Black and White. I did consider giving him a mouth but thought against it.

  The base of this manicure is Sally Hansen in Sea from the Smooth and Perfect Color Care line. I think I picked this up in Poundland if I remember correctly. This polish is a almost white with a hint of seafoam green. On the nail the green tends to get lost but that could be due to how thin the polish is. This is three coats and there is still some bald spots. I am also trying to be more careful with my painting and to leave a nice professional gap around my sides and cuticles (I'm getting there!). I found I did have to be quite careful that this polish didn't flood my nice painted lines and end up all over my cuticles. 

All the other Animal posts for today are linked below! Are you a frog or a tadpole?
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