Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Your Own Personal Jesus

Today's manicure features a bit of everything and I absolutely love how it turned out!

I finally feel a bit more summery with some  neon on my tips, even if I am pairing it with black at the moment (oh how very punk rock of me!) This manicure uses two coats of Illamasqua Collide which is so bright that my camera really couldn't capture the true neon! If you are a older reader you will already know how much I love this polish. It's so juicy and applies so smoothly. I am also using W7 Black here, it's the perfect one coater black polish!

My first finger and pinkie are sporting the matte neon pink studs I received from Born Pretty to review (see full post on them here). I also created a quick simple stripe pattern with some striping tape. The cross is actually a nail tattoo from Fake Tattoo (I have a few more designs and a full review to share with you soon!) 

Maybe the colour of the packet the tattoo came in helped inspire my colour choices for this manicure...

I love this manicure, even though there are lots of things going on all the individual components were really easy to do/ use. I love this tattoo my whole design was really based around it and helped me create a manicure that I wouldn't never have thought of ever doing. I am so glad I did I love the results!! I can't wait to wear more neon pink come sumertime!!

Are you ready for summer? Are you prepping your neons?

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  1. Love this, your nails are getting really long aren't they?

  2. i love it - collide is crazy awesome, too!

  3. These are great Kerrie! I love them!


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