Monday, 6 May 2013

Matte Week: Matte French Tips

Now my nails are longer there is a style of manicure that I really wanted to try (or at least do to a reasonable standard as I have tried it before), and that is the classic French Manicure. This week also is Matte Week, where I am going to use at least one matte polish in each manicure I do. So today I am bringing you a matte french tips.

This is two coats of A England Order of the Garter, a bright blue with lots of yummy shimmer! As with all A England's this was a pleasure to apply and dries to a lovely glossy finish even before I add topcoat.

My french tips are freehanded with a nail art brush! I am pretty pleased with the result. For the tips I used Manglaze Lesbihonest which is a bright hot pink with loads of yummy shimmer. On top of the blue it looks also burgundy. I love the clash of colours and finishes. The matte tips make this manicure seem really edgy!

The Manglaze polish applies amazingly well too, it is definitely my favourite brand of matte polish. I have four different shades but I so need more! The just glide onto the nail without any clumping or dragging which other matte polish tend to do.

Plus look at that Manglaze great label! 

There are some other wonderful ladies participating Matte Week this week with me. Go check out:
Debbie from The Crumpet,
 Emma of Manicurity
Ashley from Smashly Sparkles  
  you will not be disappointed with what you find! 

Anyway I will be back tomorrow with another stunning matte creation for you! 

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  1. love the colours especially the blue :)
    Becky #GIG

  2. Love the combination of colours :)

  3. I can't believe how LONG your nails loooook!! Cool color combo, too :D


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