Monday, 13 May 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does BLING: It's all about the Greed

My favourite nail art group are back and this time we are doing a week of Bling based manicures. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Today I am merging my bling post with the next installment of the Seven Deadly Sins Challenge- Greed- as they go hand in hand with each other. I made some very luxurious blingtastic skittles for the occasion.

I've gone with the theme of Gold and Silver for this manicure. I had to use Zoya Trixie as it has to be my favorite silver foil. It's just so highly pigmented and has such an intense shimmer it. My pinkie (the left) is a  simple gradient, but I used the new textured Zoya Pixie dust in Solange to add a bit of oompf. Then we have another tattoo from Fake Tattoo (expect the review later today of these), this time the diamond design and some simple stripes in my gold striping tape. Finally we have some 'fish eggs' in gold on my first finger.

I am really surprised at how easy it was to use the 'fish egg' nail beads. These were from a set of 12 that I picked up in poundland.  I simply did a base of Barry M gold foil and then applied topcoat, while it was wet I dipped my nail into the beads. A quick tap down and remove any stragglers and you're done. I expected these to be pinging off everywhere but they lasted well (much better than the striping tape that curled off within the hour!).

You can see the other entries in the Seven Deadly Sins and Digit-al Dozen Bling Week below. Have you ever used nail beads?  And do you have a solution for curling striping tape?

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  1. Love this! makes me wish I had a steadier hand :)
    #GIG Becky xo

  2. I love the diamond tattoo I have some of the fish eggs in blue I tried them and they just seemed to slowly fall of during the day x

  3. I love the whole look of this - it's so unique!

  4. Wrap the tape around the free edge and use plenty of topcoat.

  5. Oh girly, you already know I loveeee this one!!


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