Thursday, 30 May 2013

Top Ten Barry M: #8 Gelly Blackberry

EDIT: A couple of lovely readers have pointed out that their bottles of Blackberry are blue and this purple polish is called PLUM!  I've checked this on the Barry M website and this seems to be true.As you can see from my later photos my bottle is labelled Blackberry,  so I seem to have a dud bottle, so I am going to keep calling it that throughout my post, however please note this discrepancy  if you are looking at buying a bottle.

So today I have number 8 in my countdown of the top ten Barry M Nail Paints (according to Kerrie). Barry M do a massive range of purple polishes, all of them glorious so it was hard to pick which one I wanted to add into my top ten. In the end I chose the scrummy Gelly Blackbery!

Beautysets - Barry M 8
Blackberry is a deep dark vampy purple that is the perfect Autumn and Winter shade. Like all the Gelly collections it dries to a super glossy finish on it's own even without topcoat. This baby is also a one-coater! It applies easily and evenly and boy do it love it!

Like all darker colours this is a little bit of a pain to remove from your cuticles so you do have to be careful when applying it. Try not to  have shaky hands like me when you are painting yours nails and you should be fine.

 Look how intense and rich that purple is!

I do love my dark vampy/ goth tones for the colder months and this is a great example of that. The  rich, decadent tones of this polish are simply stunning, great work Mr M! Do you own Barry M Blackberry? Would it be in your top ten? I would love to hear what you think!

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  1. Do we know if this purple toned one is Blackberry? Just I know some people got it with the name Plum. Regardless of its name, I adore this one! Think it is my fave from the gelly's.

  2. I really wish that Brary M was easier to get in the US! such gorgeous shades and everyone always raves about the quality!

  3. My Blackberry is blue - my purple one is called Plum!

  4. Very unique polish! I hope to try some Barry M polishes one day!

  5. Very lovely! I love dark colors too!

  6. Great vampy color. I need it.

  7. I literally thought this was a black.. not a deep dark vampy purple! Wow. Such a great color to wear later this year in the fall :)

  8. I'd love to get my hands on some Barry M jellies!!

  9. Lovely colour, whichever one it is! :D

  10. I can explain the bottle labelling. It was a mistake with early bottles. Some early bottles of what is now Plum were (mis)labelled as Blackberry and what is now Blackberry were labelled as Blue Plum. My "Plum" is labelled Blackberry too.

  11. I also have a wrong-named polish! GNP 2 on the website is named GNP2 Blackberry, but on my bottle it says GNP2 Blue plum!? How strange!


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