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Top Ten Barry M Polishes: #10 Matt White

Hands down Barry M is my favourite brand of nail polish. Not only are they three free, relatively cheap, super easy to get (at least here in the UK) but they are a British make too!

I have quite a large Barry M stash and love them all so much. When I first started getting into polish this was the brand I gravitated towards the most. The colours on offer were so different from all the other high street brands. I used to skittle different polishes on each nail just because they were so pretty and different!

But this week I am going to walk you through my top ten must have polishes by Barry M. This is really hard as they are all so great and on trend. You have creme, glitter, foils, magnetics, crackles gelly polishes, textured polishes, colour changing polishes to choose from. Not to mention all the new polishes that are being released soon (sadly I am not part of the Barry M PR network yet so can't show you those!).   Today I am going to show you my #10 pick.

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So today I am showing you Matt(e) White. This is a staple for any nail artist. I am forever using this polish and you will have seen in countless manicure's on this blog. This polish is the purest white and dries to a semi-matte finish.

These photos show two coats of Matt White, unlike alot of other white polishes I have this polish isn't streaky, this is two medium thickness coats and it is pretty perfect. The first coat makes this polish seem a little thin but it builds up nicely and levels out well.   I've added Seche Vite in these photos for extra gloss.
So why does this polish only make number ten? It is a personal thing. I'm really not a fan of white polish on it's own like this, I think it has alot to do with making my already short nails seem quite stubby, but It has to be in my top ten just for the sheet endless possibilities this polish has for nail art! 

According to the wonderful Manicurity:

A good white polish is such a helpful color for so many reasons: you can layer colors over it to make them brighter, you can mix it with other colors to make different shades (especially nice for ombre skittles), it's a great palette cleanser, and I find it really essential in nail art for highlights and variety.


 So there you have it.My number ten. Do you own this polish? What do think of it? What are your top picks? Be ready to see number nine soon!!

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  1. I will be buying this soon (my OPI Alpine Snow is nearly used up), I've heard only good things!

    Is it wrong that one of the reasons I like Barry M is their square bottles? Lol they stack nicely!

  2. Hopefully I'll pick this up soon, I haven't got a white polish yet (eek!) I think this would add to my collection nicely and become my most used for nail art!
    Great post, look forward to seeing the rest!



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