Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Top Ten Barry M's: #9 Gelly Grapefruit

Beautysets - Barry M Gelly Grapefruit

When Barry M first announced their Gelly Polish Line I was a bit disappointed, I was expecting the semi-transparent Jelly polishes much like the new China Glaze summer collection. However what Barry M actually created is far superior and is probably one of the strongest lines of polish by any polish company, EVER.  And don't get me started on the new collection they are bringing out soon, I am swooning like a middle-aged woman does over Taylor Lautner. These Gelly polishes  are actually  'gel-like' polishes that are super shiny when dry and great to apply, almost the whole line are one-coaters! My #9 polish in my top ten Barry M Nail Paints is this beauty, Gelly Grapefruit.

It is hard to describe the beauty of Grapefruit, it is unique in my stash and that itself is no mean feat! In the bottle this polish comes across as a bright pink, on the nail it dries maybe a shade brighter and has quite an orangy undertone without ever verging towards coral. It is so close to being a neon, it really pops on the nail. I've used two coats here for these photos but with careful application you could use one.

This polish sums up summer for me and is a polish that I know I will be wearing a lot  as it gets warmer (and as pedicures too!). It is so fun and I really couldn't live without this polish. Grapefruit maybe gets a bit overlooked compared to a lot of the others gelly polishes but if you haven't got it already it is worth a buy!

Does this polish make it into your top ten?

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  1. LOVE this colour! :)

    justrach.com xo

  2. i love that colour


  3. I've not got this one but I do really like all of the gellys I have tried :)

  4. Such a lovely colour. I love the orange / coral colour, perfect for SS. xoxox


  5. Cool post. I have been wanting to try these nail polishes out for a while now heard only good things!




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