Monday, 3 June 2013

Dexter Week: Born in Blood

Ah Dexter, what a great TV show. I'm pretty late to the Dexter party, as in I only started watching them about three weeks ago and haven't even finished series seven yet (so no spoilers please!). But I love this show so much! The characters are so real and I want to say loveable but I'm not sure that is the right word. I am also a major fan of both the book and film American Psycho and for me this is like the TV series of that.  Of course how could I do Dexter week without paying homage to Blood. Blood is the main point of Dexter after all, Dexter works with blood, he spills it, he is compelled by it, he was even 'born' in blood.

I've gone for a blood splatter gradient. Yes I deliberately didn't clean up my first finger as I love the little spray of blood I got. I achieved this effect by dropping a couple of drops of Barry M Red into some water and then spraying it with and aerosol before dipping my finger into the water. I'm not sure if my Red was a little thick but it didn't really spread out in the water hence the massive dollop of red but I actually really dig the result. The base of this manicure is my trusty Barry M Matte White.

In case anyone is wondering why my nails have gone from lovely and long to little nubs again I had a really nasty break on both my hands a week back. The break has started to grow out now but it was quit painful. Owchie!  

Anyway tomorrow I bring you an Ice Truck Killer inspired look!

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