Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Dexter Week: Dear Ken, I'm in pieces

Yes I know it's been done by everyone but you can't not do the 'Ice-Truck Killer' manicure in a week of Dexter themed nail art.

Yep a few polishes went into this look: Maybelline Watershine in Flamboyant Coral, Pams Girly Bits Banana Hammock, HITS GRAACC in Pega-Pega and Quiimada and Pams Girly Bits Glo Worm.
Of course really this is just a skittle manicure but in the TV show it means so much more.  For my manicure I wanted to use the same type of shimmery polish that we find on the prosthetic hand and the dolls arm at Dexter's apartment.

 Yep that is some frozen prostitute's fingertips.  Yes the ones below are mine :P

I found this scene so creepy when I first watched the show. Of course the Ice Truck Killer turns out to be integral to the whole show, not just this first season.I'm not going to give it away but boy what I twist. In a sick kind of way I really liked ITK.

At least you can give it to the ITK that he was interested in nail polish, that's alot more then most men you'll meet.  Tomorrow I am back with another killer look and some more nail art! Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice manicure for the show :)

  2. I totally love Dexter and your Ice Truck Killer mani rocks! Can't wait for the final season and how the plot turns out :)

  3. Yay!!! This is also the first thing that popped into my mind - how can you not do the ITK nails for Dexter nail art week?!


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