Thursday, 6 June 2013

Dexter Week: A really annoying ghost

I was not sure if I was going to get this one up in time but finally it is time for my next Dexter inspired nail art. Today's manicure is focused on The Trinity Killer. It is hard to explain this manicure without giving away some plot points so beware spoilers!

The base of this manicure is NYC Lexington Yellow. I needed three coats of this to reach opacity. I have also mattiefied my nails with Rimmel's matte topcoat (now discontinued *sadface*).

So from left to right we have: The Hammer- Trinity goes through alot of  different Hammers before he finds the right one to bludgeon (some) of his victims.  The Four Walls, One Heart logo from the charity that Trinity uses as a cover for his murderous rampage. The urn of ashes and the pinkie shows the ash smudge Trinity leaves next to his victims.  All of the art was done with a range of Barry M polishes and the Black Nail Art Pen.

I thought Trinity was a really interesting character and felt Dexter really met his match with him. Wow what a shocker was that ending, knowing that even in death Trinity had the upper hand! I must admit I did get annoyed with the Dexter/Kyle Butler character towards the end of this series  and was so glad when Dexter finally became Dexter again.

What did you think of Trinity? Who has been the best (or worst) villain on the show so far? 

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I will see you tomorrow for the final manicure before the start of season 8


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