Monday, 10 June 2013

Top Ten Barry M Nail Paints: #1 Gelly Greenberry

Beautysets - Barry M Greenberry

Today I have the last post showing you my top ten Barry M nail paints, if i'm honest this list has already changed with the release of the new Summer Gelly range- but that will make for a separate post. My top polish is a really stunning colour and of course it comes from the exceptionally great Gelly polishes. 

My top Barry M nail polish is Gelly Greenberry!

Greenberry is a aqua based turquoise green polish that threatens to almost be neon. This colour is very dainty and vintage but also striking and eye-catching.  Like the whole Gelly range this is a super pigmented and glossy polish and needed only two coats to reach opacity on the nail. The polish applied well to the nail, with a great formula. This is the perfect polish to wear as a Spring/ Summer shade and looks great on it's own or as part of nail art (I really like it as the base to a tribal design!)

 I cannot express how much I love this shade. It is so me! I know a few other people who are crazy for this polish too! 

I hope you have enjoyed this series Barry M are such a great brand and I am so lucky to be able to get hold of them easily living here in the UK. I hope these posts have inspired you to love your highstreet brands and look at more 'out there' colours. I would love to hear what your top ten Barry M polishes are? Are there any jewels that you think I have missed? I hope that as my blog gets larger I get selected to work with the Barry M PR people so that I can bring you the new releases nice and early, but as my own collection continues to grow you can be sure you haven't seen the last of Barry M here at PishPosh and Polish!



  1. It also is my #1 favorite from Barry M :)

  2. Good choice! I would also put this in my numero uno position! :-)

  3. Haha I guessed that it would be greenberry, such a lovely color!

  4. This looks lovely on you, great choice! :)

  5. So glad this is the winner! Absolutely a favorite of mine and I love barry m nail polish more and more!!! x

  6. I have this on just now. It looks so good and makes you look nice and tanned.

  7. this is a fab polish, absolutely worthy of the top spot!

  8. This is one of my faves! Along with the new blue grape and guava!!! Mmmmm.... :)


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