Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Top Ten Barry M Nail Paints: #3 Christmas Blue Limited Edition

Beautysets - Barry M Christmas Blue
Today's Barry M nail paint is stunning but sadly if you haven't already got this beauty your chances of getting this one is slim as it is a Limited Edition to Superdrug for last Christmas along with a blue glitter topper polish. Maybe if enough of plead Barry M they could make this a permanent line. 

Christmas Blue is a  sky blue foil polish akin to the Gold and Silver foil polishes that  Barry M released a little while back. The difference is that this polish also has tiny golden micro glitter  that really brings this polish alive. On the nail it looks very complex and mesmerising and looks fantastic when it hits the sun. I know this is a seasonal Christmas polish but for me this would make the perfect summer shade. 

Honestly I am not a massive fan of metallics and normally shy away from foil polishes because I hate the brush strokes you get with them but this polish doesn't have any of these problems. This is two coats and as you can see on the nail it looks flawless. 

I love the complexity of this polish but at the same time it is so simple and elegant. I guess that is why it places so highly on my list. Can you believe we only have the top three polishes left to go in this series? Has your favs already been mentioned? Do you own this polish? Do you (like me) wish this polish wasn't so Limited? 

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  1. Love this! It reminds me of Zoya Hazel...which I love.

  2. I love metallic, and this one is quite stunning! <3

  3. Wow! Not sure how you can beat this! Sooo beautiful!

  4. Wow what a awesome metallic color! I love shades like this :)

  5. Someone already said this but the first thing I though of when I saw this was Zoya Hazel :P

  6. -_____- I can't believe you picked such a crazy pretty LIMITED EDITION one. Now I am sad!

  7. Pretty! I wonder if they stamp well!


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