Sunday, 2 June 2013

Top Ten Barry M Nail Paints: #5 Spring Green

Beautysets - Barry M Spring Green

We are now officially half way through the countdown of the top ten Barry M Nail Paints. I bet you can't beileve with the beauties we have already seen that things can get better? Well trust me they sure can!

Number five is Barry M Spring Green a fresh, bright, pure green. This is the colour of lush young leaves on a tree, or freshly cut spring grass.  Like Cobalt Blue yesterday this was a shade I was drawn to when the display first came to boots and this is an original bottle from that first display (oh how vintage of me!!).

This is two coats. I find the first coat can apply rather streaky but the second is quick to even out and creates a lovely opaque finish on the nail. 

You will have seen this colour in loads of my nail art as it is my go to green! I love that the Barry M shades are just what they say on the tin. They don't lean towards any other colour. This is green as you can get. This is a perfect shade to wear in the summer as it is so eye catching.

I know green polish isn't everyone's cup of tea but I LOVE green polish. Do you? Would this polish make it to your top ten?
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  1. This is defo in my top ten as i love green! Think blaclbetry would place higher than it for me though but i am a massive gelly fan :)

  2. What a pretty shade of green! It looks awesome :)


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