Saturday, 27 July 2013

Beauty Review: Rimmel Apocalips Celestial

Today I am bringing you my first actual beauty review. I am excited but also a bit nervous so please go easy on me today! I've been wanting to do some beauty reviews for a while but have only just got enough confidence to do one. I think what finally made me take the plunge is the fact I keep going back to the amazing lippy reviews over at Taneja's Bride (which you should totally check out!)

Anyway today I am reviewing my one and only Rimmel Apocalips.  I'm sure you have seen a thousand reviews of these by now, but I thought it was a good idea to do my first review on a really great product.  I absolutely love the whole line and wish I could have them all but every time I have money I end up spending it something else (typical!)

  I chose the shade Celestial which is a dusky pink rose colour as I thought it would be perfect for summer. And I was so right! I have worn this gloss loads. I think gloss is the wrong word to really describe this product as it is very creamy and opaque and not really sticky at all. It is more like a liquid lipstick.

The packaging is very attractive and fits neatly into my small makeup pouch that stays in my handbag.

Inside is a doe foot applicator for applying the product, although I tended to apply with a lip brush. You can see there is a kind of indentation or well in the middle of the brush and that actually holds quite a lot of the 'gloss'. This means you don't have to keep repeatedly dipping your brush into the bottle.

As I said on the lips this doesn't feel at all sticky, and stayed put for a good 3 or so hours before I felt like I needed to top the colour up.  On me the colour comes out a lot brighter than it first looks. I think this could be a side effect from the  fact that despite so much sun I am still incredibly pale. 

You can still get this is Boots and Superdrug although I have noticed that some of the colours are missing from the collection now. I am hoping these go on sale so I can grab a couple more of these beauties  before they disappear.

I hope this review was okay and my giant lip photos weren't too scary. Do you own any of the Apocalips products?

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  1. This looks really pretty on you!!

  2. so glad they brought these over to the states - Love them!

  3. What a great color on you :)

  4. They are two for £10 at Superdrugs :)

  5. Very pretty and great post! You will never get a beauty review out of me! LOL

  6. Great post :) your lips are lovely and full. I haven't picked these up yet because people say the scent is weird and they wear blotchy. Still on the fence I think, I like the Sleek Lip Pout Paints at the moment.

  7. Still not managed to try any of these out yet, great post looks like I'm gonna have to try them out xx

  8. I have this one but I've lost it somehow! I have 4 of the colours and Stellar is my favourite :) Great review, you should definitely do more! x


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