Saturday, 6 July 2013

George (By ASDA) Limited Edition Denim Effect

Ever since Nails Inc announced it's Denim Effect nail polish I have been obsessed. But Nails Inc come with a nice price tag and with my no-buy far from over I had resigned myself to not owning this polish. That is until my FIL came back with a bottle of polish from ASDA for me that caught his eye! That's right ASDA! As soon as I saw the bottle I got very excited a Denim Effect polish from a supermarket brand?

 This polish cost the ridiculous price of only £3. Application wise it applied well and for a cheaper polish was very opaque. This is two coats. Each coat dried quickly and there was no dragging as I applied coat number two.  

The deep jean-blue colour dries down to a semi-matte finish with micro silver glitter scattered throughout. I cannot compare this polish to the Nails Inc one to see exactly how 'Denim' this polish was but it certainly got the idea across.

I really like this polish it is different and interesting and I like the almost matte finish. It has a lot of depth to it and looks like a much higher end brand.

If you have a Asda near you I really recommend purchasing this polish. It is bang on trend yet it really cheap. The formula is good quality and most importantly it looks good and is really wearable. I've already got a back up bottle of this.

What do you think of the denim trend? Love it hate it or can't be bothered by it?

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  1. Wow this color totally reminds me of denim! How cool is that :D

  2. i love love it. looks just like denim!

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  3. I want to this nail polish.Wonderfuullll

  4. I couldn't find this on so will have to go in to a store and hunt it down! It does look like denim :)

  5. Wow I love the denim look on this nail polish >.< wanted !

    ^.^ thanks for the review I found ur link on TGIG Facebook page :)

  6. Oooh I actually really like this! Great swatches! =)

  7. This looks amazing!!!!

  8. Barry M have one that looks like denim too. It's amazing, just like that one and almost a one-coater, but it's not a limited edition : )

  9. I really like this look, and the colour is spot-on. Beautiful!


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