Thursday, 22 August 2013

Nelly Polish: Bodmin Swatch and Review

Today I am reviewing the second polish I received from Nelly Polish. As I stated in my last post  
Nelly polish comes in lots of different forms, including being dehydrated! This version however was sent to me pre-made.

This is Bodmin and it is a  dusky blue jelly polish infused with lots of golden hex's.  My camera seemed to think that it was more navy than it actually was so in actuality this is maybe a shade lighter than it appears in my photos. 

This polish is stunning, it is the night's sky with shining golden stars. There is just the right scattering of golden hex's in this polish  that is isn't too clunky and looks very classy on the nail.

My swatches are three coats. As this is a Jelly polish it is on the sheer side so if you don't like Visible Nail Line or doing lots of coats then you might want to layer this polish over another colour. However I like the fact that the more coats you do of this polish the more subtle and submerged the glitter becomes. This polish dries to a semi-matte finish so I have added a coat of Seche Vite on top.

This is a very elegant polish and I am happy to add this to the growing ranks of UK Indie polishes!

 You can buy Nelly Polish through Etsy  and find out more on the website too!

Do you plan on buying any Nelly Polishes?

 The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.
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  1. Pretty color! Love how the glitter pops off the dark blue base :)

  2. I really like this! Thanks for sharing this new to me brand!

  3. Elegant is exactly right! Plus, who can't resist navy polish in any form. :P

  4. Very pretty shade! I've been on a blue polish kick lately!

  5. Very pretty! I love navy polishes!

  6. Love how the glitter builds up and really does look like the night sky. Great swatches.

  7. I love the glitter against the blue base color!

  8. I think it's clever that she offers both premade and "dehydrated" polishes :)

  9. This looks great! I received my first Nelly Polishes this morning - really looking forward to trying them!

  10. This polish is beautiful!

    I nominated you to the versatile blog award :)

    Xxx Marine


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