Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Super Duper! Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop dupe swatch and comparsion

When I hosted my giveaway a few weeks back you all said you wanted to see some comparison posts. I did attempt some before back when my photography wasn't up to par and honestly it was hard to capture the subtle differences in the comparison polishes. Now I have a new camera I thought I would give this another go. Remember with my Super-Duper posts there can only be one winner, and one polish has to be removed from the stash forever!

Today's post features a comparison that has been done a 1000 times before, the coveted Deborah Lippmann Candy Shop- the original sprinkle polish and a Claire's Cosmetics 'dupe' which oddly enough had exactly the same name! Somehow I have ended up with both of these polishes and not really used either of them so I thought it was time to dust them off and compare them.

In the bottle I can't see a noticeable difference between the two. Aside from the fact the Deborah Lippmann is a high end polish and this Claire's polish would only have cost a couple of $ (I think I might have seen this in the UK too but in a much smaller bottle) there isn't much to go on.

Up close and macro'd in looks like the glitter is a bit denser in the Lippmann version and it also seems to have more smaller hex glitter.  Still is it enough to warrant spending all that extra dosh? Well lets look at some nail swatches!

 For these swatches I have used two coats of both polishes. The first thing that is immediately different is application the Claires polish takes longer to dry and in fact the second coat dragged the glitter from the first. You can see a bald patch on my pinkie where this happened. However the Claire's polish looks to be more opaque, whereas the base of the Lippmann is more jelly like and could really do with an extra coat for complete opacity.

Oddly on the nail the Claires seemed to have a higher glitter density, but this meant it was a bit more clunky and actually not as smooth on the nail as it higher brand counterpart.

The thing is, without being a polish snob like me, there really isn't much in it. The Claires polish is a good alternative to spending out loads of money and although it is slightly the lesser in terms of quality it isn't noticeable. This time the Deborah Lippmann polish went just because I knew I could sell it for more money and not feel bad about having this cheaper polish as a satisfying replacement.

Which polish would you have kept? 

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  1. Thank you for the comparison! I only have the DL, and I've had that for ages, before the Claire's one appeared, but I've still been a bit nervous of reading this comps, lol. Nice to know that the Claire's only beats the DL on price :)

  2. I would've kept the Deb Lipp, just because as much as I try not to be.. I am a polish snob!

    I do like the jellylike texture of the Deb Lipp too, and that it has less / smaller glitters.

  3. I may have to go and have a look in claires, I haven't been in there for ages :)

  4. Haven't been in claires in ages this nail polish looks lovely.


  5. What type of camera are you now using? I've been considering an SLR, but wondering if it may be too much hassle! looking at the polish in the bottle I thought they were different, but side by side on the nail I wouldn't know

  6. Awesome dupe find! They totally look the same.


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