Monday, 12 August 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Fashion Week: Paul's Boutique

Ah I am so excited to share with you some great manicures this week based around fashion with the lovely ladies in The Digit-al Dozen!

Today's manicure is based off the brand Paul's Boutique which is one of my fav (affordable) brands. I own five handbags  by this brand and love them all dearly. Today's manicure is actually based on a jacket that they do as I wanted to try out the quilting method.


You will have to ignore my first finger as I somehow managed to mess it up a bit. For this manicure I followed this tutorial.

I used Barry M Shocking Pink and once my first coat was dry I applied a second coat and a good layer of matte topcoat. I left to to semi-dry for about 4-5 minuets and then used a teeth flossing thingy (what are they actually called? You can see what it is exactly in the video) I scored a criss-cross pattern into my nails to created a 'quilted effect'. 

I actually found this more difficult than you would think. The polish has to be at a very specific stage of dryness. Too wet and it leaves strings and too dry and you can't get a good imprint. 

My accent nail is the Paul Boutique iconic badge which you find on most of their products. I used Barry M Matt White and the Black and Pink Nail Art Pens to create this.

Overall I am fairly happy with this manicure and know that I will be trying it again to try and master this technique. I think it represents the jacket pretty well.

You can check out what the rest of the Dozen are doing for fashion week below by following the links. I will be back tomorrow with another fashion inspired post! 

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  1. The quilted nails are so cute! Great job!

  2. What a great idea to score the surface! I love the texture!

  3. A great manicure!! wow (:
    This quilted design looks great, I never saw this before.

  4. Quilted nails always look so fun! I've got to try them some day ;)

  5. This looks like nail art I could handle! Lovely!

  6. You did a great job on the quilted nails!!

  7. Eeeekkkk! I love love these! I hadn't seen a tutorial for this technique yet, just a similar design from The Blonds runway show. These are great, I'm obsessed - and can't wait to try it out :P

  8. Aww, so adorable! <3 Love the quilted look!! <3

  9. Very pretty, I've got to try this technique, love the texture ♥

  10. Oh. My. Goodness. This came out awesome!

  11. I have yet to try this technique, yours came out great!

  12. It looks to good on you! Might try out this technique!

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