Monday, 30 September 2013

Guest Post: POW Nails

Today I have another guest post by another lovely British Nail Blogger- Fiona from POW Nails, while I am off sunning myself in Northern France (chance would be a fine thing!). Anyway enjoy!


Hi, I'm Fiona from POW Nails and Kerrie has very kindly allowed me to share some nail art with you today.

I painted this in early September when the weather started getting all gloomy and autumnal and I realised that it was dark outside at only 8pm. I wanted to capture a kind of moonlit feeling but this has turned out a little on the spooky side. It's a little ghost away from a Halloween manicure!

I started off with a black to purple gradient, which looked great just on its own. Top tip: If you're doing a really dark gradient like this, start with a base coat of white and then a coat of the purple before sponging on the black to purple gradient. Without this, it can look too gloomy and the purple doesn't shine through as much.

I then used a little paintbrush to add the details in a shimmery silver and finished with a matte top coat. I tend to do this with all my nail art as fine detail is clearer when it is matte. For this mani, it also provides some contrast as the silver still has shimmer while the background is flat.

I was lucky to find time to paint this one as I'm also taking part in the 31 day challenge for the first time. Having to post every single day has been tricky for me, but I can already see an improvement in my nail art. I may be sneaky and add a ghost or something to this mani and use it for "Inspired by the supernatural" on the 29th!

Big thanks to Kerrie for letting me post this, I hope you like it. Please stop by at to check out my other nail art and see how I'm getting on with the challenge!

Fiona x


Isn't this so stunning I love the detail and precision that went into that manicure. I wonder if I can recreate this on my nubbin nails? Rememeber to show Fiona some love and go visit her fab blog!

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