Saturday, 21 September 2013

Quirk Blame It On The Boom Boom Collection

I am really sorry about abandoning you all for a week, if you are following me on facebook you will hear that on Monday as the postman was handing me my nail mail that he said there was a baby kitten sat in my hedge. It wasn't the nail fumes getting to him, he was right. After unsuccessfully trying to lure the kitty out I was able to get a cat trap from the Cats Protection and get him inside. I turns out this wasn't a lost kitty but a wild one. And I say he but really we have no idea what the sex is, Kitty is about 10 weeks old and very hungry and super skinny. He/ she is now mine and is a full time responsibility.

My nails have been naked for almost a whole week!

However last week I was contacted by a new Indie Brand in the UK called Quirk. Quirk is a bit of a mystery brand as I have no idea who is the behind it  but their first collection is a fun range of neons based on the band Black Stone Cherry (which is actually one of my boyfriends favourite bands, so he was impressed).

I was sent four polishes which is the full collection. I think it is clever to make a collection only 4 polishes as it means I can buy them all and not break any postage laws!

The first polish is Peace Is Free which is a mixture of matte blue hex's with larger lilac and translucent purple glitters. I layered two coats over Illamasqua Collide.

The Bitter End is translucent orange and green neon glitter hex's with smaller neon yellow and blue glitter. Again I have used two coats, this time over 17 holographic Silver.

Hell and High Water is similar to The Bitter End and contains neon green, yellow and blue glitter. The glitter in this one has more of similar sizes than the others.  Again here  it is over two coats over W7 Black.

Lastly is Boom Boom, which I guess is what the collection is named after, this has translucent green and neon glitters but also neon pink! I used two coats over Barry M Berry Ice Cream, I also used Essie Matte About You Top coat.

All these polishes applied well in two coats. I quite like the fact the glitter is a little sparser in these polishes, I feel they are just the right ratio so the nail isn't too glitter heavy. You do have to apply these polishes carefully, I used the dabbing method and although I didn't exactly fish for the glitter I found you had to pull the wand slowly from the bottle to get a maximum amount of glitter. These remind me alot of Lush Lacquers neon collection.

I then decided to skittle the whole collection over white. Again I have used two coats of each polish over Barry M Matte White and the Essie's matte top coat. 

Don't they look great? I think Boom Boom is the one I like best although I really love the mixture of colours in them all.  These are really fun and a solid first collection and I am proud to know this is from another great UK Indie brand.  These polishes  are also suppose to glow under UV light, but I still don't have a UV bulb so I couldn't get photos of that for you. 

I am not a 100% sure when Quirk is selling this collection although they say it will be soon. In the meantime you can keep up to date with all the info on the facebook page

 The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.

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  1. Very cute! I love the bright neon colors!

  2. These are cute! I like the color combos ;) Good luck with your new kitty!

  3. Oh, I love Hell and High Water! Great swatches!

  4. Love these they are so cute!

  5. Oh, these are lovely - I have a real weak spot for neon glitters!

  6. These bright glitters look great on you! And how awesome of you to take on the poor wild kitty! He/she will be forever grateful, I'm sure!! =)

  7. I love big glitter! Liking the color combos you made!


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