Wednesday, 23 October 2013

British Nail Blogger Breast Cancer Awareness Week: On Wednesday (we wear pink!)

Continuing the theme of pink manicures for Breast Cancer Awareness week I am trying another pink nail polish. This polish HAD to be posted today, why well it's called On Wednesday from the Mean Girl  Collection from Ooh La Lacquer.

On Wednesday is a mix of matte neon pink micro glitter and squares and larger matte bubblegum pink square glitter in a clear base. I decided to use one coat over W7 Black to get a good contrast between the pink glitter. 

I used one coat of On Wednesday and it applied easily with no fishing or application issues at all. I am still in love with square glitter and I think it looks really great in this polish!

You can check out the other British Bloggers pink manicures below! And don't forget to Support Breast Cancer Awareness week here.

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  1. Great contrast with the black base....looks fab!

  2. How gorgeous! Where’s the pink one for Breast Cancer Awareness week? Thank you for your support for the Breast Cancer Awareness campaign. I know most women are aware of this fatal disease, but there are still many who neglect to take the preventive steps. Cheers to all efforts of this advocacy! – Robert at OC Breast Wellness


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