Sunday, 6 October 2013

Guest Post from Pocket Money Polishes

Today my guest post is from the lovely Charlie who makes lovely indies and blogs over at Pocket Money Polishes, who is helping me out while I am away on holiday in France.  I hope you enjoy the great post below :D


It's official... I have decided to grow my nails back out and in an effort to get them to grow relatively evenly they have been filed down. The inspiration for this design came from one of my 30 Day Challenge designs from waaay back in April and my nails had spent 20 odd days of being painted back to back and had grown all lovely and long... anyway you can click HERE to check that out. This time I decided to go for an autumn palette using three of my nails inc polishes - presenting: Pavillion Road, Blandford Street and Cadogan Place.

I sectioned off my nails with striping tape (making mental notes on what order to remove them and then filled in the gaps with my chosen polishes - the Nails Inc were a little watery but with a bit of patience and a steady hand I just about managed it. I did need to touch up Blandford Street with an extra coat here and then. For straight lines you really want to remove the tape as soon as the polish is applied for clean and crisp lines which means working fast when you have multiple polishes involved so have lids off and ready to rock.

For my accent finger I painted on my base of Cadogan Place then over 3/4s of the nail I added a coat of Blandford street and then over half the nail I painted on Pavillion Road doing my best to line up the bottom as best I could - it's not perfect but it is an easy way to get stripes of colour on a nail. Topcoat the whole lot once dry to give a nice even finish. Apologies about the minor bubbles - this was just due to my topcoat being near the end of its life. Nails Inc polishes are super glossy on their own so the extra shine made these superduper glossy.

So what do you think of these colours together? I think there is a slight 70s vibe going on here but I like it. I had forgotten how fiddly striping tape could be but it is a fun way to make designs and so inexpensive - ebay and Born Pretty Store are great places to get bargain prices; I think there are also suppliers on Amazon. Shop around and get designing!

Big thanks to Kerrie for letting me visit today - I hope you'll come and check out what I am up to on PMP! 


Big thanks again Charlie fro doing this. Don't forget to check out her great blog!  I love the combination of colours in this manicure, it's not something I would automatically think of but they look really great together!
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  1. That's a really cute effect! I like the combination of colours - it definitely suits the blocky design.


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