Thursday, 10 October 2013

Guest Post: Nail Jems

I'm still out of the blogging loop while I am in France, my facebook has gone into meltdown with a crazy number of notifications and I am in a cheese induced coma. Lucily the lovely Jem has done a great guest post for me today:


Hi there everyone my name is Jem, I'm a british nail blogger in Australia, and you can catch me over at Nail Jems! Before I begin I would also like to thank Kerrie for allowing me to be a guest here on Pish Posh and Polish, this is a fantastic blog with a great following and it truly is an honour to be here!
The mani I want to show you today is one of those things that started off with a specific idea in mind and ended up being something entirely different instead! My original idea was to do a kind of corset design on each nail, so after painting my base colour in Five Star 'Floss' I applied circle stickers (the same you use to do half moon manis) to the tip and base of each nail and then painted over them to get a basic corset shape. At that point though, I thought that it actually just made a nice pattern on it's own and decided to stick with that, but some embellishments were needed!
The dark blue that I painted over the base and round stickers with is Sinful Colours 'See You Soon' and I also mattified the blue area with a top coat from Australian brand, Mode, before I removed the stickers. I don't know about anyone else, but I can't ever paint over stickers without a little bit of polish seeping under the edges of them, ruining the nice crisp line, so I decided to cover the lines with some loose holographic hex glitters and did a dotted pattern with the glitters too. 
It might not be the design I had in mind but I think it looks quite unique and interesting! What do you reckon, a fail or success? Have you guys ever started out doing something and then finished with up something completely different from what you wanted to do? And was it a fail or a success?!
Thanks for reading my post today and to Kerry for giving me the chance to share with you all, if you would like to see anymore of my nail art designs be sure to visit me over at my blog Nail Jems, I would love to see you there! 
Jem x

This is the definition of bling! I love it! Thanks again Jem, don't forget to show Jem some love and leave her a comment or pop over to her blog and say hi! 
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  1. Have a nice stay in france!

  2. Great design! (: Visited your blog just now and it's great! <3 thanks for guest blogging here :D

  3. This mani is so pretty I love it!


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