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Guest Post: Nail Parade's Barry M Autumn/ Winter Picks

A few months back I posted my top 10 Barry M Nail Paints, while I am away on holiday the lovely Rachel is posting her top Barry M Gelly Picks for the cold winter months (Winter is Cominggggg!)

Barry M Gelly Autumn/Winter Picks!

Hi! My name is Rachel and I’m guest posting from Nail Parade (! It’s so nice of Kerrie to allow guest posts on her blog while she’s away. (Hope you have a lush holiday Kerrie!)

Anyway, my post is about the Barry M Gellies and which 3 I’m recommending for the upcoming Autumn and Winter seasons!
If you haven’t seen already, I have a full Barry M Gelly guide here.

Well, let’s start with Autumn!

Colour 1) Plum!
This dark purple is great to represent the nights as they start getting colder, yet still has enough warmth in it to coincide with the pretty oranges and reds that are forming in the autumn leaves and pretty sunsets! It’s nice and sophisticated too if you’re looking for a colour that doesn’t stand out too much but still makes a statement.

Colour 2) Passion Fruit!
For any of you who want to make a bright and colourful statement with your nails during the autumn months, Passion Fruit is the colour for you! It’s a bright orange-pink and looks great either shiny or with a matte top coat!

Colour 3) Blood Orange!
Deep wine-reds are ‘in’ this season, and this is the closest colour that the Gellies offer. It’s a dark red with a slight orange tinge, making it perfect to match the browner autumn leaves and also a great colour to use for Halloween!

Even though it isn’t a Gelly colour, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate how amazing Barry M’s Foil Effects Gold is for this season, and also show you the design I’ve done with the Gold polish, and the colours mentioned above!

The dots are really effective; the heart is super easy to do, and the colours capture the warmth that is quickly leaving us here! *shivers*

While we’re on the topic of turning cold, it’s a good chance to move onto Winter’s picks!
Winter’s top 3 are…

Colour 1) Blue Plum
Just like the Plum colour of the Autumn season, this colour pretty much sums everything up. The shade is a dark navy blue that is warm, yet cold, all wrapped up into one bundle of joy. You will need a basecoat underneath this shade (though, you should really have one on anyway…) as it will stain your nail. It’s a great dark and mysterious colour for Winter though!

Colour 2) Blue Grape
This shade is definitely the statement shade of the trio, especially if you love your bright blues. It’s an amazing bright royal blue that captures your attention and makes you love it uncontrollably (well, for me it does anyway!). I chose it for Winter even though Barry M released it during their “Summer Collection” because I feel like it captures the perfect chilly atmosphere that you get when stepping out of the door on a freezing cold Winter’s night. Either way, it’s super pretty!

Colour 3) Blueberry
Blueberry is the pastel of the trio, beautiful, calming and not quite as eye-catching, yet still effective in creating a Winter Wonderland. If anything, this one represents winter the most as it’s a very snowy, cold shade. It makes for great snowdrops/flakes though as you shall see in just a second!

And here is what I’ve done to create a winter-flurry!
The centre nail there was meant to be like the heart on the other hand, but the colours weren’t really different enough, so they blend in a little too well unfortunately! But that’s why you experiment isn’t it!

So, I hope you enjoyed this post! Please check out my whole blog to see more, and don’t miss Kerrie too much!
Bye for now!

Yes I hope I am not missed too much! Isn't this a great post, although I wear blue polish all the time even when it is super hot! Thank you so much Rachel for such a fabby post!

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