Saturday, 19 October 2013

Sleek Matte Me Lipstick: Fandango Purple

If you know me you will know I have a real thing for matte lips and lipsticks, I am on a mission to own as many as I can! I was recently recommended trying out the brand Sleek who have a range of matte lips glosses. Sleek seems to be a budget brand that you can only get over here in the UK with higher quality products. Honestly I have never take much notice of Sleek before but British Beauty Bloggers seem to go crazy over the brand. 
I picked up Matte Me in the shade 431 or Fandango Purple as I have never tried any true purple toned lip products before because I wasn’t sure if I could pull the colour off on my skintone.

This cost me £5 and I was a little disappointed at how cheap the packaging felt for the price.  It also seemed a little boring to me, but I guess they were going for the minimal look. What is good is that with the clear packaging you can see exactly how much product you have left.

The applicator is a doe foot and picks up a good amount of the gloss. When I applied the gloss I did use the wand but I think in future I would use a lip brush because I felt it was hard to get complete precision with the wand and a nice even application on the lips.
The Gloss itself  quite applied easily to the lips and is VERY pigmented meaning you have to be very careful when applying this that you don’t make a mess (which I have yet to get down to an art!) After only about 30 seconds the gloss had dried down to a velvety matte finish. 

 The colour of this is a deep purple that appears a lot more pink on my camera than in real life. I think it almost have a goth vibe to it! At first I really wasn’t sure whether I liked it but I am slowly coming around to it the more I look at the photos I took.  I paired my brighter lips with dark eye shadow and  lots of black eyeliners.

This gloss wore for a good three or so hours before it started to flake a little and I felt like I needed to reapply. I did find that the last remains of this gloss didn’t want to budge and I had to scrub at my lips a bit to get the colour out! And even then I feel like there may have been a little staining
Considering the price I think this is a pretty good product.  I would be really interested to buy some other glosses in the range to compare. I think a brighter pink would look fab!   I am really glad I pushed myself out of my makeup comfort zone and tried a different colour to what I normally try!
Do you wear purple shades of lipstick?
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  1. Looks fab on you! I love Sleek eyeshadow palettes but have yet to try their lip products so guess where I'm heading ;)

  2. I love this! Matte lips look amazing

  3. This looks amazing with your skin tone :D

  4. That is such a cool finish on that color!

  5. Great colour on you, love the finish too

  6. Wow! I can't believe how matte it is! Looks great!

  7. This is a great purple! Matte lips are the best!


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