Thursday, 17 October 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Skittle Week: Dotty Skittles

Today's skittles are a bit muted but they are perfect for the autumnal weather! I am so sorry for the state of my fingers in this picture they look so mottled and blue, I think I might have knocked a setting with my camera but I have no idea which one.  Try to ignore it!

The base of this manicure is Barry M Lychee and then using a large and smaller dotting tool I have done dots of Zoya Godiva, Barry M Duchess, Barry M Majesty and Zoya Solange.

Oh yeah this happened too:

I'm back tomorrow with another skittle manicure, until then remember to check out the rest of the Dozen too!

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  1. You're nails are as cute as that kitten!

  2. Aww cute kitty! And I love the textured dots!

  3. Love the dots! Like awesome gift wrapping paper

  4. love the dots but that KITTY OMGGGG

  5. Loving the dots! And the kitty too, of course! :)


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