Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Skittles: Red and Black Tape Manicure

For today's skittle manicure I wanted to use tape. I love the fact that skittles gives you so much freedom to work with as a theme, so I have also taken this as a opportunity to use another of untried polishes- this time Illamasqua Alarm.

Alarm is a bright poppy red creme, like all my Illamasqua's it applied flawlessly and this is just one coat! I used a mixture of normal and striping tape to tape off portions of my nail before going over with a black polish. 

I always love it when I use black and red together they compliment each other so well and always create a bold and striking manicure. Alarm due to it's amazing application is certainly up there in my top ranking red polishes now!

There are plently more Skittle manicures yet to come this week, and not forgetting the other amazing skittlettes that the rest of the Dozen has produced today! Until then have a fab Tuesday!

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