Sunday, 20 October 2013

Today marks the end of Sittle week for the Digit-al Dozen. What I love most about Skittles is it is the easiest and most freeform type of nail art. If you are a nail art newbie really you should start with skittles. Today I am demostrating that with a really simple layering skittles manicure.

Even though this a super simple skittle manicure I think it is really effective. For one it looks much fancier than it really is and for another unless you are a nail art nut like me when you see this in the street you think think is the 'Best Nail Art Ever!'.  I got so many compliments wearing this out!

Anyway I just grabbed a random selection of bright polishes for my base and then just topped them all with Loreal Confetti topcoat which is a black and white glitter topper.

BAM! Nail Art done! I've loved the week in the Digit-al Dozen do you like Skittle Manicures?

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