Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Barry M Confetti Sour Apple

When Barry M came out with the confetti range I was skeptical, bar glitter isn't my first choice of glitter, however when it came to a 3 for 2 in Superdrug I thought well why not? No surprises I went for the green polish- Sour Apple. It is actually more of a mixture of aqua and lemon glitter but in the bottle  all mixed and muddled together it gives off a green vibe!

I used Barry M Greenberry and Guava as my base polishes. I don't need to go into how flawless the application of all the Gelly's are- I adore them!

 Here is one thick coat of Sour Apple with a coat of Seche Vite topcoat, I like the fact that this is quite a dense glitter but it applied evenly and didn't need any placement or fishing. Also all the bar glitter laid perfectly flat on the nail!

Errgh sorry for red hands, I took these photos before I had worked out the settings on my camera had to be altered when I started my new lighting set up!

This is a very simple manicure but the bar glitter adds an instant nail art effect to the nail and another dimension, making it very interesting and fab to wear. I may have become a bar glitter convert shhh!!

 Do you like bar glitter?


  1. This looks cute! I bought this when they first cam out, but I've not got round to trying it yet, lol!

  2. This is just amazing! I really need to get my hands on these shades :D

    Louise x

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