Saturday, 2 November 2013

English Rose Facial Wash Review (the new formula!)

Today I don't have a very pretty post for you today sorry guys but it is pretty informative. You might remember how I was trialing a new facial wash for English Rose Cosmetics which is a local brand run by the lovely Karin.

The facial wash is made from the magical Quillaja, the original bottle I got was scented with vanilla but it didn't completely mask the orginal scents underneath. While chatting to Karin we decided to try another scent and came up with Ginger. I love this scent, I am a major ginger-holic anyway but I think this new scent is a big improvement. This new fragrance also has the added bonus of feeling awakening and invigorating and also warming (which is a real perk for these colder days we are having!)  Plus the base mixture of the wash remains the same and I found it worked really well for me last time in helping to reduce redness and acne/ spots on my face.

I'm not going to go into more detail about the wash because it is exactly the same and I have already gone into it all here.

So now for the nasty bit. Even though I had great results using the wash last time I had to stop my trial early as I had just changed my BC and it was playing havoc with my hormones and my skin had become really yucky and oily. I found I suddenly was getting loads of spots and my hair was so greasy and generally not very nice. I decided to stop documenting the facial wash trail as it was unfair to link this (upto then) miracle product with my now really bad skin.

Since then I had really bad skin. Here is a photo I took just as I came back from France. Yes it really isn't very pretty at all. I've just had a shower so my face is a little red anyway (and my hair is wet rather than just greasy!) but really there is no way to excuse the state of my face.

I had become really concerned and self-conscious about my appearance and didn't like leaving the house without any makeup on. I even found with concealer I was having a hard time making my skin look even  and generally it was really getting me down. And can you blame me really? Anyway waiting for me when I came back from France was my package from Karin so I immediately started using the facial wash.

Here is my face after a week (7 days) of use. 

As you can see my face isn't 100% clear but is much better than it was at the start of the week. I will have another update for you soon but you can see that the facial wash has continued the good work it had been doing last time and has dramatically reduced the redness of my face and stopped any more breakouts and is starting to heal and nasty places.

Have a great weekend

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  1. That really sucks that you broke out for your holiday, those damn rude spots attacking your lovely face! I broke out really bad when I came off the jab so know how u feel - even though you're still gorgeous anyway :)
    It's clearing up really really well though - looks like you won't have to wait long before you're back to your former glory : D


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