Friday, 22 November 2013

My Top Ten Polishes

Earlier this week I was asked to partcipate in posting my top ten polishes. This really is a feat for a few reasons 1) my fav polishes are always changing (half the time I can't even tell you what my fav colour of polish is!) and 2) I have so many beautiful polishes that have either been overlooked as I haven't worn them in an age or sadly they are still untried. So I am basing my choices on polishes I have worn recently that have made me go 'wow' and I haven't wanted to remove.

So here is my list. If you ask me tomorrow i'm sure it'll be different. Also these arn't in any particular order!

Chirality CU2+ was the first indie holo I ever purchased and it was the the first holo polish that ever really looked like those amazing pictures  you see on blogs were there is actually a rainbow effect on the nail! I remember wearing this and being utterly amazed, I literally couldn't stop looking at my hand. It was mind blowing for me. Can you remember your first holo polish?

Manglaze Royal Matterimoaning, is amazing. I had been lusting after Manglaze's polishes for ages and felt so proud having finally procured this polish.  This polish didn't disappoint it is the perfect shade of blue with so much hidden shimmer that makes this polish look incredible either matte or glossy!

Barry M Greenberry made it to the top of my Top Ten Barry M lists and it still remains one of my most loved. There is just something about this shade that is so perfect and so me. 

Zoya Trixie is the perfect silver polish, so dense and opaque in one coat. It applies like butter and is dazzling in the light. This polish is so overlooked my me but whenever I wear it I always am stunned by how gorgeous in it's simplicity it is.

Enchanted Polish Flamingo Freckles, paired on these pink undies this is incredibly girly and almost too sickly sweet. I almost hesitate to put an Enchanted Polish on my list as I only have two of her polishes and can't say I am a massive fangirl over the brand. But I loved this manicure way too much not to include it!

Literary Lacquers, More Like Fire Than Light. You all know I am a bit on again/off again with orange however this polish is sensational! It is like liquid holographic orange juice. I really could add all of the Literary Lacquers to this list- it was hard to narrow it down to just one!


Zoya Phoebe is not only a blue polish (win!) but a matte polish polish (double win!). It is the perfect bright blue polish! Need I say more?

Illamasqua Collide is amazing too, it is a creme/jelly delight that has a lovely squishy consitancy. It is also a super bright neon pink!  This is a go to polish for me in the summer, becoming one of my essential staples. I love how is can go frombeing very girly to ultra edgy (as in the manicure above!).

Zoya Miranda is the most girly polish I own, it is like diamond encrusted, sugar coated femininity in a bottle! Although I don't really think of myself as girly at all there is just something about this polish that is fantastic and makes it one of my most worn polishes!

Lastly Fasionista Mystical Dragon, this polish had to be on my list. Those flecks of shimmer really do have a mystical quality and in that lovely perfect teal base is just to die for!

Do any of these polishes make it to your top ten? Or do you have any others that you think I've forgotten?

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  1. Love the Zoya Pixie Dust :) x

  2. We love Barry M gelly's!!!!!! :D great picks!

  3. I love any Barry M Gellys, two made my list aswell - Greenberry was very close to being on there!

    I love the Enchanted, but feel the same way as you. I don't own any - I am not a massive fangirl and not willing to undergo the madness and purse emptying that is necessary to own one! x

  4. I only recently got Barrym Greenberry and that was only because my sister said she liked it. It's a grogeous colour and I want to love it but... I just don't think it's me. :( Looks gorgeous on you though!

  5. Everyone seems to have chosen Barry M Gelly's and Greenberry is right up there too :P


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