Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Digit-al Dozen does Black and White: Find Your Way Home

 Today's Black and White manicure uses Barry M Black and Matt White and some cute silver rhinestones and compass nail decals. I went really random with these and have no theme in mind when I did them!

I hate clean up for black polish, I can never fully do it and it always makes my cuticles look dirty :( *sigh*

Anyway tomorrow I am back with another black and white manicure, so stayed tuned!

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  1. I never have much luck with decals but you seem to have mastered them! Looks fabulous!

  2. This decal is awesome...almost matches my tattoo! Love it!

  3. I can't clean up black to save my life, either, you aren't alone! And I really like that your compass is accented with simple gems like that. It makes it a nice clean mani. :)

  4. I suck at clean up! I usually just let it go, oh well! I do love the compass!

  5. Very nice, I really like that compass!

  6. Very beautiful! The decal is very cool.

  7. Very cool! Most of my favorite nail designs are ones I did with no theme before starting :) Cleaning up black nail polish makes me so sad, it's so impossible >.<


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