Tuesday, 24 December 2013

2013 A Blogging Year in Review and 2014 Bucketlist

Wow this year has been crazy and I feel my blog has come on in leaps and bounds this year. Let's start with taking a quick run through of some major blogging milestones for me this year.

  • I got a new camera last year for my birthday in January, admittedly only now  am I getting the hang of all the settings on it but my photos have improved so much!
  • I found  the life-saver that is Duri Rejuvacote and my nails started to grow and get strong!
  • I hit 1,000 bloglovin' followers
  • Emma from Manicurity helped me create a great blog layout that I still adore
  • I celebrated my second Blogoversary!
  • I did my first product reviews!
  • I held a massive indie polish and handmade giveaway with lots of British brands!
  • The Digit-al Dozen became really amazing as we re-branded!
  • I met my first nail blogger outside of the interwebs- Alyssia from Alyssia Rose. Who has also gone on to become one of my real life besties!  
  • I started my own Indie Brand! Quirk. And at the UK Indie polish awards two of my polishes made it into the category of 'best polishes of the year' and I came second in the 'Best Brand' category.

But what I will remember most this year is how the whole polish community came together for  Mint Manicures for Talia 

But perhaps the biggest (slightly nail related)thing to happen to me personally this year was when the postman who was delivering my nail mail said he saw this in my garden.

This poor stray kitty (soon to be called Bilbo) is my world.

Anyway back to nails....

Here are a look at some of my fav posts from this year:

But ...There were a couple of things that annoyed me too this year:
  • The Royal Mail stopped us in the UK sending polishes internationally sadly I had some beautiful A England Polishes destroyed.
  • GFC became null and void what was the point of that again??
  • People started using Disqus, yeah I can't comment on your blog if you have that and I want to be able to share the love!

So now onto my bucketlist:

 So lets look at my bucket list from last year and see if I managed to achieve anything from it:
  1. Continue to improve my skills by trying out new techniques (I WILL master stamping and the water marble) and styles. I want to try and push myself and improve the quality of my posts. Yes kind of, my posts have improved but I have given up on trying to master stamping!
  2. Followers: I want to get to 500 GFC followers and set up a facebook fan page. I also aim to interact with you my dear followers more. I want to hear what you want  from this blog! I want to please you! I also want to be able to hold my 300 follower giveaway by October (only about 20 more followers to go!) Yes, I started a facebook page made it to 800 GFC followers before it started to become rubbish and made 1,000 followers on Bloglovin'. I have been part in some great givewaway's too! 
  3. Cut down my never-ending wishlist by helping other bloggers in swaps. Also as part of this I want to eradicate buying duplicate shades. I hope to start a new series showing some of the dupes in my collection. This should help me purge my collection and try my untried polishes. No my wishlist is massive. I have sold about 30 polishes this year that were unloved though. I have done a couple of dupe posts but honestly I have become more picky about what polishes I buy and haven't really bought any dupes.
  4. Edit my earlier posts and re-shoot the photographs of my older posts to get them up to a standard I am happy with. No this is just too much hard work
  5. Update my 'about me' page. Why was this even on my list? Yes I've done this!
  6. Bigger photos and better angels Yes

          7. Different posts (more make-up posts or graze box posts) I've started to do beauty posts! 

    Looks like I managed to achieve about half the things on there.  

    So what is my goals for 2014?

    1.  Build up my Bloglovin' followers and add to my facebook and IG following (maybe start using Twitter more?)
    2. Work on getting my nails into a more uniform shape- maybe sqaure? Keep my cuticles in good condition and work towards a perfect clean-up
    3. Work on other types of posts, beauty, tutorials and articles
    4. Build up Quirk, both as a brand and continue to expand my range
    5. More Guest Posts, maybe not all nail related either.(esp on the Digit-al Dozen blog!)
    6. Continue to work on the quality of my photographs!(You've always got to strive for better haven't you?)
    7. Start working with some brands on product reviews.
    8. Improve my nail art!
    9. Focus on my Youtube videos!

    What do you want to see more of (or less!) on the blog? How can I improve for you??

    Happy 2014!!

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    1. I actually use disqus and i'm thinking of adding facebook comments too.

      I was wondering if you would like to swap blog buttons for the month of Jan?Starting Jan 1 I am swapping buttons with a few bloggers so we can all gain some exposure. If would like to then email me at shivani@glamdiaries.com

      Happy New Year! :)

      ~ Shivani (GlamDiaries.com)

    2. well done on a great 2013 and Quirk - here's to an awesome 2014 xx

    3. Disqus SUCKS! I will not use Disqus or anything that involves Captcha as people have made it too hard for me to talk to them. It's easy enough to delete spam comments! I've just started on my stamping journey and I'm already losing faith! :-(

      I always enjoy reading your blog and I can't wait to see what 2014 brings!

    4. Fabulous post and you had such an awesome 2013! Can't wait to see what's in store for you in 2014!

    5. Well done on a great year Kerrie! I always enjoy your posts and I'm looking forward to seeing fab Quirk stuff in 2014 xx


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