Friday, 20 December 2013

Blue Week: Leighton Denny Daylight Robbery

Today I am finishing off Blue Week, this is a great excuse for me to show you some of my swatches in a more thematic way. I hope you have enjoyed this week as much as me. Today I am showing you a brand that I haven't really focused on before even though they are a brand you can get in the UK. Leighton Denny are marketed as a premium brand and are slightly out of my price range. However this polish is stunning. I did managed to snag a back up bottle which I recently just sold as really when do I ever get through one bottle of polish let alone two!

 Daylight Robbery is a dusky blue polish with a electric blue flash.  My swatches show two coats of polish and this is before I have added topcoat and you can see how glossy this polish is.

It's odd how for such a 'unconventional' colour this polish manages to look very elegant and classy on the nail. I would almost go so far to say it is work-wear appropriate.

So what has been your fav of the blue polishes I have shown you this week? Has your top blue polish been posted? If not then what is it? I'm sure this isn't the end of my blue swatches!

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