Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Blue Week: NailNation 3000 Abyss

Today I have another Blue polish to share with you all. This is NailNation 3000 Abyss. When I received this polish in a swap I struggled to find a swatch or review of this polish on line. Admittedly NailNation is a new to me brand and I honestly don't know a great deal about them. 

Abyss is a baby blue polish with a bright blue shimmer/flash. This polish is quite sheer my photos shows three coats and there is still some visible nail line. Of course you layer this over a blue polish or even over a black to get a blue shimmery effect. 

While this polish is quite sheer it was very easy to work with. Each coat dried pretty instantly meaning it was easy and quick to build up the layers of polish and there was no dragging. Also this polish dries to a perfect glossy finish (my photos don't show any topcoat!)

I can't wait to try layering this polish I think there are lots of possibilities to this polish!

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