Monday, 2 December 2013

Simple Tape Manicure

Today I decided to use two colours that I wouldn't normally wear together, in fact they are two colours that I wouldn't normally wear at all in a simple tape mnaicure.

This manicure uses Zoya Pandora a pink based nude polish and Elevation Last Two Pitches a metallic brown copper polish.

I don't own as many Elevation polishes as I would like to but this one is applies flawlessly. It was opaque in just one coat and I had no issues with painting with it at all.  I am really delighted with how well these two polishes go together, the copper gives just the right amount of warm to this manicure.

I am slowly being converted to liking nude and neutral toned polishes and this Elevation is a really pretty copper colour that I can't resist either. I may not be fully converted to brown polishes though!



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