Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Best UK E-tailer Sally Magpies: Day One Catrice

When Debbie from The Crumpet told me she would be doing a post celebrating Sally Magpie's fantastic online exotic nail polish extravaganza of a store I knew I wanted to do it too. So i'm going to do a series of posts explaining my top brands that can be found over at that magical site. Sally Magpie's not only is my first stop to satisfy my polishy urges for nail polishes not normally found in the UK but has helped me alot this year, even going so far as to help me stock my first collection of Handmade polishes. That was the highlight of my year as I was the first UK Indie Brand to make it onto the site and I felt so honoured. Sally is a wonderful person and has great customer service and always goes above and beyond to help me fine the perfect shades!

So I am going to show you some of the fantastic polishes you can get over at Magpie's. The First polish I am showing you is Catrice Forget Me Not which isn't actually on the site, but all Catrice polishes are on sale over there for a shocking price of ONE POUND! Quick go now and check them out, seriously my post will still be here when you get back...

Okay you're back now? Good.

Catrice is a mainland European polish  brand so it is hard to get over here in the UK. I love the formula of Catrice's polishes this is two coats but I could really have got away with one. They all apply flawlessly and this polish is no exception to that rule!

 Forget Me Not is a perfect deep purple full of yummy silver shimmer.

The other thing I love about Catrice is the names they give their polishes! I have bought so many polishes based on the name alone and luckily for me I haven't been disappointed in the shades either!

Just so you area aware I haven't been paid or reimbursed for doing this week of posts, I just love Sally Magpie's so much and it would be a crime not to share the amazing polishes with you (and the amazing prices to match!). Don't forget that a £20 order means free shipping too! Just think of all the nail mail!! Eek!

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  1. Oh honey, thank you so much. You are adorable and your polishes are amazing. I am sure you will go very far indeed x


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