Tuesday, 10 December 2013

The Digit-al Dozen Red, Gold and Green week: Going Gold and Green!

If you don't already know I can't water marble to save my life. They all majorly suck. Today I decided to do a dry marble on my accent nail. I am really happy with how it turned out! Yay for successful manicures! 

This manicure uses Barry M Gold Foil, if there was one polish that screams Christmas this would be it. This polish just glides onto the nail and is perfect in one coat. I remember reading somewhere that using a small dot of another colour on your nail is suppose to elongate them. I think it looks really interesting (and very simple) on the nail.

The green is Revlon Emerald City. To achieve my dry watermarble I applied a thick layer of Emerald City and then dragged and swirled some more Barry M gold on the end of a dotting tool lightly through the polish! Easy!

I hope you are enjoying the Digit-al Dozen's themed manicures this week! I'll be back tomorrow with another festive coloured manicure!

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  1. Looks fab! The green and gold go so well together too!

  2. I love this dry water marble! It looks great as an accent nail! I'm glad it worked out for you this time! The gold nail polish you've used looks so nice too! :)

  3. That dry marble is so cool, love the combo of green and gold.

  4. Love it! Your dry marble is perfect! Fab job!

  5. I can't water marble OR dry marble! This is pretty fab in my book!

  6. See, I can't DRY marble! This is magic as far as I'm concerned! I also love your choice of a cool-toned gold, it looks superb.

  7. Love everything about this! The colors work so well together, I'm a huge fan of the single dot situation, and I'm jelly of your dry marble abilities. Mine always look tragic!


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