Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Beauty Review: Manhattan Soft Mat Lip Cream shade 31s

Today I am showing you yet another matte lip product this product has been my staple winter lipcream. I only noticed today that this tube is starting to run out and I thought "Hey why haven't I blogged about this yet?"

(Just so you know my camera settings aren't weird I decided to take these photos on a mint green backdrop isn't of my usual white for some reason don't ask me why!)

The Manahttan lipcream's all come in similar packaging, the colour of the plastic tube represents the colour of the lipcream.   I am normally quite vary of products like this as they never seem to look exactly the same as the outer packaging but in actual fact the packaging was a pretty true representation of the colour inside.  The only thing to note is of course you can't tell how much of this product you have left. I am pretty sure mine is starting to run on empty.

Inside there is a nice spongy doe-foot applicator.

The shade I have here is 31S which is a dusky rose-pink. It is not dissimuliar from my natural lip colour really. I find that I am quite messy when I apply my foundation and white ghost lips really don't do anything for me. I think this is why this has been so reached for, it is just brings my lips back to looking natural without a it being really obvious that I am wearing lipstick.

The lipcream really is creamy to apply and applies easily to the lips drying to a matte finish almost instantly. The wear time for me was a couple of hours before I felt my lips feeling a little gunky and I needed to reapply. 

The best thing about this product is the price I bought mine for 99p from Fragrance Direct and I have heard this has been floating around in poundland's too!

 In all I would recommend trying this product as it really won't break the bank and it actually pretty good!
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