Monday, 27 January 2014

Jade Fascino Violeta

Today I am binging you a swatch of a gorgeous holographic polish.

This is Jade Fascino Violeta, I got this polish in a swap with a Brazilian polish lover but since then it has become more widely available. This is  Fascino Violeta a beautiful purple with a perfect linear holographic effect.

This polish applied effortlessly. I used two coats more out of habit than anything and topped this with Seche Vite.

It is almost blinding, so intense and ever so pretty! Even in the shade this has subtle holographic effect. It is sometimes easy to overlook brands like this when Indies start coming out with holographic polishes but this is just too fabulous not to own!

I can't wait for the summer when I can really take advantage of my holographic's. Do you own this beauty?
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