Monday, 13 January 2014

The Digit-al Dozen Monochrome Week

Arrgh today has been pretty stressful- but in a good way. After the sad news of my darling Curly Whirly's passing today Mr PishPosh and Polish and I our now the proud parents of two new little Russian Hamsters- Salt and Pepper. I already adore them so much!

At about ten this evening I remembered that I still hadn't posted my Monochrome manicure so here we go.

This is a pinky-corally monochrome yummyness manicure using Barry M's summer limited Edition
Neon Coral-Pink, Gelly Grapefruit and Shocking Pink.  I sectioned off my nails with striping tape for this and it reminds me of a pink version of a candy corn manicure!

Anyway you can check out the rest of the Dozen's mnaicure's below and we are also hosting a super fab giveaway here which includes two polishes from my own indie line as prizes!!

Anyway  I am getting back to my new fur-babies!
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  1. Fabulous job on the tape mani! And those colors are yummy!

  2. Ladyfriend, your nails look so long in that second photo! I LOVE this manicure!! These colors together are perfect and they really do make me think of pink candy corn :O

  3. I love tone on tone effects like this. Perfect choice of colors!

  4. Lovely!!! Welcome to the new fur babies!

  5. It does look like a pink version of candy corn...awesome themed mani; you made it look easy!

  6. Beautiful nail look and seems super easy to recreate! <3
    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

  7. I NEED TO GET MORE BARRY M! I love this mani, the colors are so gorgeous together - wishing for summer now!

  8. This is so pretty and squishy!

  9. This is so squishy!!! I love it!


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