Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Nailventurous Lacquer Robin Laid An Egg

I have ummed and ahhed about posting this polish because looking at photos make me a bit sad. I swapped this polish a while back for an Enchanted polish. Admittedly I haven't worn the enchanted yet so I might feel better when I have but I have real regret for letting this polish slip between my lovely lacquered mitts!

So yes this is another vault post... from WAY back... sorry.

This beauty is Nailventurous Lacquer Robin Laid An Egg.  This polish is a mixture of blue, pink  and yellow glitter hex's in a few sizes suspended in a milky white base.

I normally struggle to get these type of white base polishes to look decent on me but I adore this one. I think the fact that this is probably the best white based indie I have come across of far. It isn't streaky and is three coats. I think what makes this so good is that the white isn't a jelly but is a  very thin creme.

Of course this polish is almost impossible to find now that Amy doesn't make polish.

Have you ever regretted a polish swap? Please tell me and make me feel better!

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