Monday, 3 February 2014

R&R Lacquers- Delight

Today I am bring you another review of a new indie brand called R&R Lacquers. Today's polish is the one that instantly stood out to me in the new collection so I was really happy to see it had been included in my swatch package from them.

I was a rebel when trying this polish and even though this polish is designed to be layered over black or another dark polish I decided to try a different tactic and go for a light pink!

Sadly I was a bit over eager with my present unwrapping this weekend and broke the nail on my first finger right the way down. Luckily they are all pretty nubbin-like at the moment so hopefully it doesn't look too bad!

Delight is packed with turquoise blue hex's and lots of pastel colours, including cream, lilac and baby blue.  There is also square glitter! There is also a smattering of iridescent blue/purple micro glitter. This polish is a really delicate polish and is perfect for spring. 

My swatches show two thin coats of delight. I adopted the dabbing method to get a nice even dispersal of glitter over the nail bed.  As always I have used my Seche Vite topcoat to smooth and create a glossy finish.

I think this is another great and highly unique polish. You can find R&R Lacquers here and they currently have a fab deal when you buy 4 polishes (it's only £22!!)

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.
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