Monday, 10 February 2014

The Digit-al Dozen does Vintage: Vintage Dots

I am struggling with the theme of Vintage for this month's Digit-al Dozen, I know dots aren't very inspired but I tried to use  a 'vintage' colour scheme.

The base of this manicure is Barry M Blue Moon a very light blue polish with a subtle blue shimmer. This polish took 4 coats to build to an opacity that I liked. I then used a dotting tool and Barry M Gelly Lychee to add some beige coloured dots.

I actually really like this subtle nail art, these are colours I wouldn't normally put together but I find they work really well.

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  1. These colors go great together!

  2. I love the light beige, I think it's a wonderfully 'vintage' colour in feel. :)

  3. Cute..these colours go so well together!

  4. I'm glad it's not just me struggling! lol. You've pulled it off though.

  5. Oh, I love this color combo, it's so classic and beachy!

  6. Ooooh, so glossy! I love these colors together; they compliment each other so well :)

  7. Your dotticure is perfect! :)Love the colors!

  8. Oooh! These colors are fabulous together! I'm so excited because I am getting Lychee!


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