Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Gossip Blog: Britney's a Brunette!

As a beauty and fashion blogger I find it is important to keep up to date with the latest celebrity fashions, trends and styles. It is key to be as knowledgeable as you can on the areas you blog about. It is what keep a blog fresh and your readers coming back for more. One of the best sites I have found for this is The Gossip Blog. The Gossip Blog is a fantastic site and resource that is updated daily with all the latest celebrity news, whether is be lifestyle, music (or my go-to) fashion!

While looking online I found this story about one of my secret favourite celebrities: Britney Spears dying her trademark platinum blonde hair a deep chestnut brown. It seems like a great way to reinvent yourself without taking drastic measures. I think Britney looks a lot more mature and exerts a new kind of finesse with her darker toned hair. My own has has been a brown-black bob for what seemed like forever. But with my birthday just passed I think I took a little inspiration from Britney herself and decided to reinvent myself with a new hair colour.

I wish I could pull of Britney blonde hair but sadly my own hair is far too dark and even with copious amount of peroxide the colour build up in my hair just made it an icky kind of colour. I might have take the re-invention thing a little step further than Britney spears but I decided to go for an auburn colour, which is a pretty drastic change for me I am quite pleased with the result (even if it was a bit of a shock to the system the first time I looked in the mirror!).

Britney is able to pull off her new hair colour so gracefully but I am not 100% sure I can do the same. I know many of us are inspired by our role models but don't always take it to such extreme lengths, however I find it is something good to be impulsive (and we all how Britney Spears can be that at time too!). Just as Britney's new hair is the start of a new chapter in her life I feel I am doing the same. I am sure what we both face will be just as exciting- even if it is completely different. But it's not everyday you can compare yourself to Britney is it?

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  1. Aww I've always loved Britney, she looks good with new hair I think.

  2. I love Britney! Blonde or brunette ;)


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