Saturday, 8 March 2014

Affordable Beauty at Wilko

I love shopping in Wilko the prices are always very reasonable. I love their own range of shower gels and shampoo something rotten (I currently am using the Rhubarb shower gel and am in love). When I was asked to do a review of some of their products I knew they would be good before I even got them and I wasn't wrong.

 (Ignore the fact you can see my ceiling in this photo!)The first thing I have to show you is this large cosmetics mirror. This is a standard type of mirror with a magnifying side and a normal side. It comes with a bendable and adjustable stand. This is good quality and strong. It is slightly larger than an average size mirror of this type which I think is great.

The next thing I got was this Hair Mist, I have actually bought this product before with the strawberry scent and it was nice to try this tropical concoction (which smells lovely!). The packaging says it is a shimmer spray but it isn't really as it doesn't contain any glitter, however a couple of spritzes on the hair are very refreshing and give the hair a little extra shine. This isn't a dry shampoo product but is nice to use if your hair is feeling a bit in need of a pick-me-up. I really recommend this product!

Eyelash curlers, again these are solid and look really pretty in the black and pink. You have two additional inserts in the handles too which are great. I found these worked well at giving my lashes a litle extra curl before my mascara. They work just as well as my expensive pair so I am really happy with them.

Lastly a foundation brush. I love the fact this comes in a resealable zip pocket which is a great place to keep it in and protect it. The brush itself is good, the bristles are soft but keep their shape and they don't shed hairs. My foundation applied well with this and didn't seem to be streaky (which is my mani problem with foundation brushes)

Overall I am really pleased with the quality of these products, they do their job well with no fuss and are pretty cheap. I would really recommend going into your Wilko and seeing what they have (I also hear that they might be launching a new beauty brand soon!)

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing
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