Monday, 24 March 2014

Illamasqua Pink Raindrops

I was very excited to own Illamasqua Pink Raindrops and used it for the first time a while ago however I really struggled with the application. Begrudgingly I held onto the polish and at last I decided to give it a second go.

My second attempt looks much better although application was still a total pain.

For me Pink Riandrops has none of the magic of it's original counterpart, the lovely dark pink shimmer in the bottle is lost on the nails and the flakies really don't seem very visible. In fact they give it a awkward consistency that is quite difficult to apply, it feels thick and clunky and has none of the finesse I normally consider Illmasqua polishes to have. It also wouldn't self level- Seche Vite helped alot to make this look smoother.

I have heard adding a drop of thinner to your bottle can help alot with application. I've now passed my bottle onto another nail addict so I can't tell you if this is the case. I adore the soft pink, it is beautifully feminine and flattering but I just felt it was missing something.

You all know how much I love Illamasqua so this doesn't change how I feel about them at all what a shame that this polish didn't live up to the hype!

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