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My Pure Gwdihw (Goody Hoo) Gwdi Bag Pamper Kit

I have recently been asked to work with the online store My Pure who offer a great range of different natural beauty products. You all know I am trying to expand my beauty regime and try new things and also move across to more natural and organic products so this is a fantastic! I already have a big wishlist!

Anyway today I am showing you three products from the Welsh brand Gwdihw or Goody Hoo.

My pure states on their website that: "Totally natural Gwdihw balms and soothers are hand made in Anglesey, Wales by traditional methods using locally grown herbs to infuse the balms".

These three adorably cute tins form the Pamper Gwdi Bag. First off can I say the designs are just so cute! I am a sucker for fun packaging and these are really something special. I love the fact you can instantly identify these as a Welsh product. My welsh mother-in-law thought these were fab!

Anyhoo (do you see what I did there?) the pamper pack comes with three 25g tins, Cherry Smoochy Lips Lip Balm, Twinkle Toes Foot Balm, and Nail Wizard Hand Balm.

The consistency of the three products were very similar. They are completely natural and therefore uncoloured.  You can see that they are a standard balm-like product in the photo above.

So lets start with Twinkle Toes, this is a lightly lavender scented balm for tired and sore feet.  The waxy consitency of the product is great as it means it really hydrates those sore areas and are perfect, if like me your feet get quite chapped from the cold weather. I can see this product also being useful when it gets warmer and I start to wear my sandles and flip-flops again as I always get blisters until the shoes are worn in. Hopefully this can avilvate some of the discomfort of hurty blister feet! Owch! I was amazed at how little of this product is needed to give good coverage and I can see this tin (in fact all three of them) lasting for a long time!

Next up we have Nail Wizard, as you know I am addicted to cuticle balms and butter so this was going to be interesting. This product is lemon scented but not as strong as Lush Lemony Flutter which can be quite overpowering.  It is also not as thick as the lush product which I think really works to it's advantage as it seems to soak into the skin better. This balm is quite oily but it is quite intensive so I don't find this a problem. I would recommend using this on your nails and cuticles before bed and letting it work it's magic throughout the night to get the best results.  I found with one application my cuticles were already softer and noticeably less dry.

Lastly the Lip Balm, this is a standard cherry scent reminding me of cherry drops, again this is quite waxy but it feels like it gives a good layer of protection to my lips and is also quite hydrating making them feel more supple and soft. Like the foot balm I can see this being a great product in the colder weather as it will trap in the moisture to stop your lips getting too dry and chapped.

In all I am really pleased with these products they really are pampering and do exactly what they say on the tin! I know they say not to judge a book by it's cover but I love the designs too. I think these are the perfect product to keep in your handbag and also they would make really nice gifts for both younger and older family members.

You can buy your Gwdihw Pamper Bag from MyPure and they are currently on sale

The inclusion of this graphic means that the product above was sent to me for review. All opinions are honest and all information is correct at the time of writing.

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  1. ooooh these look totally lush!!
    Popping over now!
    Great review Kerrie! <3

  2. The packaging on the tins are so cute!


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