Thursday, 20 March 2014

Quirk 'Lets Cook Crystal' collection

Finally my Indie brand Quirk has a new collection out. This one has been a long time in the works. It is based on one of my favourite TV shows 'Breaking Bad'. Did you know it was never aired here in the UK? The only reason I have seen it is Netflix!

The collection is called the 'Lets Cook Crystal' collection and is a series of four sense glitter polishes.

The first polish I have to show you is 'Heisenberg' based on the main character Walter White. No prizes for guessing why this is blue. Heisenberg is a mixture of many fine blue and purple glitters in a blue tinted base. It almost has a duochrome quality to it when viewed at different angles.  

My camera has real problems with this polish as it is just so sparkly. My photos show two coats without topcoat and you can see you have a finly textured finish. You can easily smooth these polishes out with topcoat but personally I like the textured finish.

Next up we have 'Fallacies' based on Jesse Pinkman again you can guess why I went with a pink theme for this polish.  Fallacies is a mixture of micro pink glitter and slightly larger  fuchsia and red glitter in a tinted base. I love contrast of the different sizes of glitter and I think it makes the polish look quite interesting. But then again I would say that!  

Again we have two coats without topcoat. A little note on application here, these polishes are dense and therefore quite thick I find the best thing to do is one swiped coat and one dabbed coat.  I found these polishes in testing  had a pretty fast dry time so this was no worry for me.  I also suggest giving your bottle a good shake up before application!

The next polish is called 'Send Him To Belize' not going to spoil the fun of where this name came from. This is based on the desert sand that encapsulates the story of Breaking Bad. This polish is a mixture of holographic gold and orange glitter.

Without topcoat this one really has the sandy feel I was going for!

I will end with my favourite polish 'Real Name's McGill' which is based on a character who's real name is ... guess what.. McGill... did anyone pick up on that tiny quote?  Anyway. McGill is a micture of lime green holographic glitter, spring green and turquoise. Like 'Fallacies' I love the play between the two sizes of glitter.

Personally I am really happy with this collection, I hope you like it too that is a bonus. These polishes are available tomorrow at my website priced at £6 each and will be restocked frequently after that. You must be in the UK to buy my polishes, sorry!

You can see much better swatches of these at Nuthin' But  A Nail Thing complete with topcoat!

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  1. Gorgeous collection, I think I may need all of these :)
    I love Breaking Bad too, I remember watching the first season on FX when it first came out. It was such a shame that it didn't get the ratings for them to keep it on air over here :(
    Thank god for Netflix! xx

  2. I just bought Fallacies, and I cannot wait to get my hands on it!!!

  3. Gorgeous glitters! Love the collection name and the polish names! Perfection!

  4. You have talent! These glitters are awesome!


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